This Is A Project About Freedom

Whatever this project becomes, know this.

This has begun as an exploration of what it means to be, in every sense of the word, a living human being; in what I am sure some history books will refer to as the 21st Century.

In particular, I am asking - not the fundamental philosophical questions - but, for sure, just about every other type of fundamental question that I can think of.

I have always been told that I am free; certainly to a greater extent than all but a handful of civilisation's predecessors up to this particular point in time.

Although not always self-evident, some of these freedoms come at a price:

  • Financial freedom comes at the cost of your time and effort as part of an employment contract
  • Social freedom often comes at the surrender of your personal information to advertising companies
  • Political freedom seems to be particularly antiquated in the United Kingdom; but it is there
  • Freedom of movement throughout your home country is permitted on the basis of law abidance in all aspects
  • Freedom of movement beyond your country's borders seems to be permissible on the basis that your home country will vouch for you abroad, and will even give you a formal document requesting you be granted visiting rights
  • Commercial freedoms are becoming more and more evident due to globalisation; an apparent ability to purchase just about anything online seems to be bearing out
There are of course less rigidly defined freedoms. And less tangible freedoms. And some likely more important/more specific freedoms than those listed above.

But what this project is about is freedom - and taking a selfish and personal approach to analysing those freedoms, and how they are gained.

I have been incredibly fortunate to take all of the above freedoms for granted, and as a given. By virtue of my birth, I have had access to all types of welfare I have required; I have been educated to a sufficient level to enable me to freely choose who I can achieve employment with and for; my bank has given me access to my own personal dwelling on the condition that I pay back the worth of the building over a set period of time.

And I guess the question I am asking of all of the above, and more; is have I achieved these freedoms how I would wish? Have they come to me fairly? Are there other ways in which these freedoms can be obtained? 
What is it about a person's location by birth or otherwise that defines what access to the global community of humanity they are permitted?

Given the imbalance of where every human starts their life; how should that balance be redressed to a point where no person's life should be valued any more highly than any other.

A lofty goal to be sure. But one I am keen to explore.

And the terms of exploration have to be without restriction from any previous, legacy, constructs - be they social, political, geopolitical, theological and historical frameworks.

Which is a long-winded way of saying I'm going into this with as much of my eyes open as possible, and in creating the Ministry of Ginger, I will likely have to question every aspect of current life; and - ultimately - seek a framework that suits me (and only me - I do not wish to impose my particular experience of life on anyone else), and live within that world.